Irina Lyangus

Irina Lyangus
We have been working with Irina for 3 years.
Irina is a highly qualified specialist in permanent make-up and already have 15 years of experience in the beauty industry. We came to the conclusion that it is time to launch an educational project online.
About the project
Purpose: sales of the master class
Course price: $50

Step 1.
What started with:
We started from scratch. There was no site, no materials. Initially, we thought through the entire chain of materials, that is, initially thought out a strategy, and only then began to implement.
Step 2.
We recorded two videos:
1. Free - it is short, in which we talk about the pain that the masters have and then how our course will help them solve them.
2. A full course video is the course we are selling.
Step 3.
While Irina was recording the video, we began to create the site.
Since the traffic was mobile, we made the site responsive and convenient on mobile devices. The result you can now see by clicking on the link.
Step 4.
Our Central Asia: masters of permanent makeup and microblending.

In the settings made several criteria:
1. Permanent makeup and microblading
2. Expensive phones + travel
3. Business Pages Administrators
That is, there was an audience who are interested in PM and microblending, but not all, and who have expensive phones or who travel abroad and also, they must be administrators of the business page.
Step 5.
Since the initial settings were too wide, we finalized them. After the first sales course, we set up an audience as close as possible to those who bought the course.
11 days
Duration of the advertising campaign
$ 100
$ 400
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